Additional Charges for Man Allegedly Living in Vacant Cabin

When police made the arrest of a man in late September, they allegedly came across a reason to charge him with additional crimes when he was said to have been found in a vacant cabin he did not own. Police said he had broken into the cabin months earlier.

Police executing arrest warrants against Brandon Vanbuskirk, 30, of Moundsville, served the warrants at a Fish Creek residence, where he was arrested without incident. However, police soon after found that the residence belonged to another family with no ties to Vanbuskirk, prompting a search of the residence. There police said they discovered a broken window, ransacked drawers and other property scattered in the cabin. Vanbuskirk allegedly was found in possession of a knife with the homeowner’s name on it.

The homeowner, who according to police flew back home to assist from out of state, said he found numerous belongings packed up for removal, totaling more than $1,000, which included hunting knives, camouflage clothing, a compound bow and other goods, as well as an ATV in the backyard which Vanbuskirk had allegedly used, damaging it.

Also in the residence, police said they found several drugs, later identified as marijuana and oxycodone.

Vanbuskirk was charged with nighttime burglary, attempted grand larceny, possession of a controlled substance, destruction of property and unlawful taking of a vehicle. He remains lodged in the Northern Regional Jail in lieu of $50,000 cash bond, as a result of the original warrants issued against him for entering without breaking. His trial date for those charges is set for Oct. 31.

In an unrelated case dating back to late August, a Glen Easton man also faces serious charges after allegedly ambushing and beating a man from whom he intended to buy a car. According to police, who received a frantic 911 call, the victim suffered serious injuries to his head and face. The victim told officers he met Cody Jones, 23, to see about a car he had for sale. When he arrived, he claims Jones, as well as four other people, “came out of nowhere,” snatching his glasses off his face, striking him and knocking him to the ground before they continued beating him while he was defenseless.

The man said the group had then took his keys, keyed the Mustang he was attempting to sell, and left. His damaged glasses were valued at $300 and the cost to have the car repainted was given at $3,000.

Jones, who was the only one the alleged victim was able to say had definitively attacked him, was charged with malicious wounding, and remains lodged in lieu of $5,000 bond.