Marshall County Commissioners Assist With Flood Relief in McMechen

Marshall County commissioners have agreed to assist a community still battling in the aftermath of flash flooding in late July.

Commissioner Scott Varner and Commission President Bob Miller approved a $250,000 contribution to the city of McMechen during their meeting Tuesday. Commissioner John Gruzinskas was absent from the meeting.

The agreement states the county will provide monetary contributions for flood relief throughout McMechen and the city will be expected to repay the county for contributions within 10 days of receiving funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Prior to the vote, McMechen Mayor Mayor Gregg Wolfe addressed the commission regarding the city’s ongoing issues, including street and infrastructure problems caused by water damage.

“We have a lot of emergency needs going on at our wastewater service plant, city services and things like that. We’re pushing ahead and going faster than other funding is coming to us,” Wolfe said. “We just want to have a pool of money that we know is there, otherwise I’ll have to stop and slow down.”

Varner said according to the memorandum of understanding between the city and the county, the commission will disburse funding to McMechen from the $250,000 allotment as the city incurs expenses.

“We are providing $250,000 and as they make purchases they will bring those receipts to us and we will pay them. As the city gets reimbursed by FEMA for those expenses, they will then reimburse us the amount of money we’ve set aside for them,” Varner said. “The infrastructure is the biggest issue for the city and the city has done a tremendous job to bounce back from what a tragedy we’ve had and this is just another way to assist them. They don’t have the money up front, so we’re trying to expedite things so they can get the city back in order.”

Miller commended the efforts of the McMechen community to recover following the summer flood.

“So many people in McMechen have done amazing things, especially Mayor Wolfe, who has donated time and effort constantly,” Miller said. “He’s doing a fantastic job.”

Commissioners will meet at noon Friday to canvass results from the Oct. 7 special road bond referendum. There will be no regular meeting on Oct. 24.