New Owners Open Ohio Valley Animal Care Center in Moundsville

Photo by Alan Olson Veterinarians Brandy Morgan and Chad DiBartolomeo, with children Westyn, left, and Elyn DiBartolomeo, and their dog, Garrett, get ready to greet visitors at their grand opening at the Ohio Valley Animal Care Center.

A Bethlehem couple that met while working at Town and Country Animal Hospital have purchased Moundsville’s Ohio Valley Animal Care Center, opening their doors under new management last week.

Bethlehem residents Dr. Brandy Morgan and her husband, Chad DiBartolomeo, worked at Town and Country Animal Hospital for 16 years, meeting on the job before getting married and starting a family. Putting their old job behind them within weeks of one another, the pair purchased the Moundsville facility from its former owner, Dr. Debbie Shondrick, in September and worked to hit the ground running before their grand opening.

DiBartolomeo said assuming control of the business is an exciting, although somewhat overwhelming, experience. But he said the staff on hand, which includes established employees and new hires, were the ones who made it possible.

“It’s a little more than I expected it would be,” he said. “You’d expect it would be kind of easy to come in here and start, but it’s much more difficult than just having a regular job. Our staff’s been amazing with it.”

Numerous city, county and community representatives came out for the grand opening in a show of support to the family.

“With the community here in Moundsville being as accepting as they are, it’s so unbelievable. Everyone who’s been here has been amazing,” DiBartolomeo said.

Morgan said the new practice was a natural development in their careers.

“I’ve been a veterinarian practicing in the area for 16 years, and my husband and I decided this was the next step,” Morgan said. “We provide in-house blood work, an X-ray machine, perform surgeries, dental (work), and if there’s something we can’t provide, we send out to local labs.”

Morgan and DiBartolomeo had about two months of down-time before assuming their new roles at Ohio Valley Animal Care Center, but spent the last week finalizing details with Shondrick and working alongside her to get a feel for the facility.

“She was still practicing a few days a week prior to our purchasing it,” Morgan said.

The couple officially took over the business on Sept. 21.

Moundsville Mayor Eugene Saunders said he was pleased to see out-of-town business owners decide to establish a practice in the city.

“I think it’s great. It’s fantastic. We need all the business we can get in this town,” Saunders said.