Police Respond To Disputes Involving Guns

People in two Northern Panhandle counties are facing charges after allegedly brandishing guns during disputes with current or former partners.

Harry Edgar Farmer, 65, of Benwood has been charged with wanton endangerment and being a felon in possession of a firearm after police said he held a gun to his ex-girlfriend’s head outside the woman’s home on Jefferson Avenue in Wheeling.

According to a criminal complaint, officers responded to the residence at 6:49 a.m. Tuesday. Farmer allegedly approached the woman outside her home with his arms extended and a pistol pointed at her.

Farmer then allegedly approached the woman, demanding she go inside her home, followed by him holding the gun to her forehead.

According to the complaint, the woman told police Farmer said, “I’ll shoot you.” The woman then managed to talk Farmer out of going into the house, after which he put the firearm into his waistband, the complaint states.

Farmer then allegedly threatened to shoot law enforcement, the alleged victim or himself if police were called. Farmer later told the woman to leave the home, which she did.

The woman fled to a another residency for safety, where officers found her behind a couch, “crying and shaking uncontrollably in fear,” the report states.

The woman “felt that Harry would have killed her if she would have been forced inside her residence,” the complaint states.

Farmer was previously convicted in Florida of aggravated assault with a weapon from 1991. He is being held at the Northern Regional Jail in Moundsville in lieu of $50,000, cash-only bond.

In an unrelated case from Marshall County a Moundsville woman faces felony charges after allegedly pointing a gun at her boyfriend during a disagreement.

At about 10:30 p.m. Wednesday, Marshall County deputies responded to a call from a man who claimed a woman had pointed a gun at him, after which he was able to disarm her and escape. At the scene, police reportedly found a firearm in the back of a pickup truck, which the man said he had placed there.

Inside, police found Glenda Sells, 45, who was detained and questioned. Sells allegedly told police she had retrieved the gun in self-defense after the complainant, her boyfriend, had pushed her, spilling a beer and following her through the house, prompting her to point the gun in the air to get him to back off. Sells told deputies she does not know how to use a gun.

The man told police he went to his truck after an argument, and returned to find Sells pointing a gun at his head. He said he tried to calm her down and de-escalate the situation, before disarming her and escaping.

Sells was charged with wanton endangerment with a firearm, a felony, and domestic battery. She was released from the Northern Regional Jail after posting $4,000 bond.

In another unrelated case, Moundsville police also arrested a man who allegedly was chasing juveniles through a local restaurant. Devon Wagner, 25 of Moundsville, was arrested Wednesday for an incident which allegedly occurred earlier in the month.

Buffalo Wild Wings employees called police, reporting that three juveniles ran into the restaurant, pursued by Wagner. The juveniles reportedly told police they were walking through Mount Rose Cemetery, when Wagner accosted and threatened them.

Wagner claimed the children had knocked over trash cans at his apartment. The juveniles told police Wagner called out to them from his car, threatening them with a baseball bat. Restaurant employees told police Wagner came into the establishment making threats.

Wagner is charged with malicious assault and was released after posting $4,000 bond.