Roger Conroy Named Auditor In Belmont County

Interim Belmont County Auditor Roger Conroy will be taking up the post on on an interim basis, Belmont County Democratic Party officials decided Monday.

The party’s central committee met in special session Monday to review and vote on applicants for the position, left open after the retirement of longtime Auditor Andy Sutak due to health reasons.

Phil Wallace, chairman of the county party, said two individuals — Conroy and Lisa Armann-Blue, both experienced finance officers — applied for the position.

Conroy, a longtime deputy auditor for the county, has almost 40 years of governmental experience, the majority involving county operations. He worked for the Ohio State Auditor for 23 years as a state examiner and field audit supervisor and has performed audits of every type of political subdivsion in the 13 counties of the Southeast District.

“I’m well aware of the operations of the county, and all other subdivisions in Belmont County,” he said. “Working in the auditor’s office, I oversaw every phase of the operations of the county auditor’s office and supervising all phases of daily operations, and also annual financial recording.”

The party voted by ballot, and while officials did not share the percentages, Michael Shaheen, who assisted in counting the ballots, said Conroy won by a significant margin. Wallace added that about 99 percent of the committee voted.

“I’ll do a good job for the party and the county,” Conroy said. “I look forward to continuing on.”

Conroy will serve out the remainder of Sutak’s term, which runs until March 2019. He said he plans to seek election to a full term.

“We’ve got 17 months ahead of us to finish out the term. I’m looking forward to that. I’m looking forward to working for the people in the courthouse and the elected officials,” he said.

Conroy added that Sutak left the office in good shape.

“He was very diligent in his work, maintaining the finances in cooperation with the commissioners and I hope to maintain the same type of relationship,” he said. “We’re lucky in Belmont County to have some gas and oil revenues that are picking up, and we’ll see about using that,” he said.

Conroy said he will confer regularly with county commissioners and Treasurer Kathy Kelich on financial matters.

“So that when we go forward, it’s a joint effort,” he said.