Traffic Commission Eyes Byron Street Changes

Surging enrollment at Wheeling Central Catholic High School is making it more difficult to find parking spaces in the area, Roman Catholic Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston spokesman Bryan Minor told members of the city’s Traffic Commission during the Thursday meeting.

After some discussion and debate among commissioners Chris Hamm, Pat Duffy, Ronald King and Alan Duvall, they agreed to remove the “No Parking During School Hours” signage on Byron Street. Officials said these signs had remained in place despite the closure of the former Wheeling Catholic Elementary School several years ago.

Commissioners, however, denied a request from the diocese to formally allow unrestricted parking in the zone.

“I don’t think I’ve ever made a ruling where we’ve taken out signage and put in unrestricted parking,” Hamm said, adding he has served on the commission for several years.

Nevertheless, Minor said he appreciated the commission’s cooperation.

“If you catch wind of anyone upset about that parking, let us know,” he said.

In another matter, commissioners voted to table a request by Shadyside resident Chase Kaldor to allow permit parking for tenants next to the building he owns at 83 12th St.

“I don’t want you to have to pull the meters. I just want to get a permit for these residents,” Kaldor said.

After some discussion, city Operations Assistant Superintendent Tim Birch told Kaldor he is working on a permit system for instances such as this. Hamm agreed the matter warrants further consideration before a vote.

“If we are going to be a town that is going to make these old buildings into residential places, we need to find a way to make this work,” Hamm said.

Commissioners approved a request by Fulton Street resident Carlee Dittmar to establish a truck route in an effort to keep large trucks out of the residential area.

“I’m not talking about pickup trucks — I’m talking about 18-wheelers,” she said of the vehicles on her street. “We are being squeezed out.”

Commissioners approved Dittmar’s request, while Birch said he is working with the West Virginia Division of Highways on the matter.

“It’s kind of a big chunk,” Birch said of the planned new route.

Members of the commission also approved:

∫ a commercial loading zone on 20th Street for the Child Care Resource Center; and

∫ handicapped parking spaces in front of both 3701 Wood St. and 3 Pearl Avenue.