Marshall County Commission Approves Fifth School Resource Officer

The Marshall County Commission approved a request Tuesday to provide a deputy as a resource officer for the county’s alternative school and one of its elementary schools.

Marshall County Schools Special Education Director Shelby Haines sought the approval of the commission to utilize a sheriff’s deputy at the Gateway Achievement Center and at Central Elementary School. Haines said the commission’s support was appreciated, as the additional resource officer would prove to be a big help at the alternative school.

“We’re just really appreciative of the support of the commission,” she said. “It’s important to be proactive, with some of the behavior issues there.”

County Administrator Betsy Frohnapfel said moving a deputy to the school likely would require hiring an additional deputy to maintain current patrols.

She said a seasoned officer would be selected to move into the resource officer role at the schools.

Frohnapfel estimated the initial cost of hiring a new deputy at around $112,200, including salary, benefits, vehicle and equipment. The board of education would reimburse the county for the officer’s salary at the end of the school year.

Commission President Bob Miller reviewed several of Haines’ proposals for covering the resource officer needs, saying he liked the system currently in place with an officer on hand at the county’s middle and high schools.

“I’d like to see things stay in place with the first four resource officers,” Miller said. “But at this time, it’ll just be between you and the sheriff’s office to work out.”

Resource officers currently assist at John Marshall and Cameron high schools, as well as Moundsville and Sherrard middle schools.

They originally were brought on as part of a federal grant.

Frohnapfel said the grant has since expired, but the officers have been retained due to the service they provide.