Two Women Arrested on Heroin Charges in Ohio County

Two local women were arrested in separate cases involving possession of heroin with intent to deliver on Friday.

Wheeling Police Department spokesman Philip Stahl said the drug epidemic in this area is ongoing. “Every week we’re arresting people for drugs of some sort, whether it be marijuana, heroin, cocaine or possession with intent.”

At about 9:18 p.m. Friday, Ohio County Sheriff’s Department deputies discovered a vehicle containing heroin, marijuana, LSD and trace amounts of cocaine during a traffic on Cabela Drive at The Highlands. The vehicle was stopped for an expired registration sticker, according to the complaint. Officials reported finding two bricks of heroin, weighing approximately 41 grams, 123 grams of marijuana, assorted morphine pills and two LSD strips and drug-related paraphernalia in the vehicle.

The driver of the vehicle, Lisa M. Prezkop, 48, of Wheeling, initially denied that drugs were in the vehicle, but her passenger stated there were narcotics in Prezkop’s handbag, the complaint states. The Wheeling Police Department brought in a police narcotics detection dog to inspect the vehicle, which indicated the presence of drug paraphernalia in the vehicle.

Prezkop was arrested and charged with possession with intent to deliver heroin, possession with intent to deliver marijuana and possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance. Prezkop is being held at the Northern Regional Jail on a $25,000 bond.

In an unrelated arrest, police were dispatched to the 2300 block of Main Street at 11:18 p.m. Friday on a report of a vehicle striking an AEP utility pole, causing extensive damage. No driver was on scene. Multiple units began searching for the driver of the vehicle who was later found and identified as Erica C. Shaffer, 20, of Wheeling, according to the complaint.

According to police officials, Shaffer gave consent for officers to search the vehicle where they discovered a rock of heroin totaling 3.78 grams, which Shaffer allegedly stated she intended to sell.

According to the report, Shaffer also said that out of the $2,198 found in her vehicle, $700 of it was obtained through the sale of heroin. Police officials have arrested Shaffer who has been charged with possession with intent to deliver.

Police Chief Shawn Schwertfeger has stepped up efforts to combat these types of offenses. A recent effort made by Schwertfeger is the creation of a crime analyst position with the city.

According to Schwertfeger, the position will offer $36,000 a year and will assist police officials with combating the drug issue in the Ohio Valley. Though the position has yet to be filled, Schwertfeger said resumes and applications are being considered at this time.