Jaycees Provide Scholarship in Honor of ‘Tuna’ Allen

The Ohio Valley Jaycees, in cooperation and support of Ted Joseph “Tuna” Allen’s family and friends, hosted the Fall Crawl in September, drawing 106 participants who came together to honor their friend and celebrate his life while raising money for a memorial scholarship.

Together they were able to raise more than $3,300. The money recently was donated to Bethany College to be awarded as three scholarships. Ohio Valley Jaycee President Brad Joseph said, “I am happy the money is being given in Tuna’s name somewhere that it can make an impact.”

Allen was an alumnus of the Bethany College education program. Because of his dedication to his students and his passion for the education field, the donation will be used in the form of scholarships for senior education majors.

The scholarship will be named the Joe Allen Memorial Scholarship.

It will be awarded as three individual scholarships of $1,100 each, awarded annually over the next three consecutive years.

The reasoning behind it being a senior scholarship is to make sure the money will go to someone who will follow in Allen’s footsteps and become an educator. The money is to go to someone in whom Bethany faculty sees potential and who is also passionate about making a difference in the lives of students.

“Joe put his whole heart into everything he did and said, and we want these funds to go to someone who mirrors Joe’s values,” said Ohio Valley Jaycee member Cori Erbacher.

Allen, 33, of Wheeling, died on March 29, 2016. He was the son of Ted N. Allen and the late Jill L Figaretti Allen. He was a teacher and athletic director at St. Johns Grade School in Bellaire, a member of the Jaycees and a recipient of the Lou Mack Award which is given to the most outstanding individual on and off the field for team, family and community.

In the words of his best friend, Tim Haught, “Joe Allen was a friend. Not a fair-weather friend. Not a rainy-day friend. A friend – no matter what was going on, he was there supporting you. The Jaycees have provided me support and friendship … and I thank (everyone) for supporting this incredible team I have had around me who have made all this possible.”