$500K Culvert Replacement Coming to Belmont County This Year

Photo by Robert A. DeFrank Belmont County Deputy Engineer Dan Boltz reviews photos of a collapsed culvert beneath Oak View Road set for replacement in 2018.

The new year will see new and continuing projects throughout Belmont County.

According to Deputy County Engineer Dan Boltz, Belmont County has been awarded about $400,000 in Ohio Public Works grant funding toward the replacement of a 5-foot-diameter culvert beneath Oak View Road near the industrial park. The total project cost is estimated at $540,000.

“The pipe has failed,” Boltz said, noting the culvert has collapsed in two places. “This culvert’s actually completely failed. … The bottom of the corrugated metal culvert is completely gone.”

He pointed out the complications involved in addressing the project.

“Deep culverts like that, typically you can’t replace them or address them,” he said, adding that county may seek additional funding. “We may try to see if … this would qualify for a Belmont County (Transportation Improvement District) project because it goes to our industrial park.”

The project will likely go out to bid the first week of June and be awarded by the end of July. Construction will probably start August or the fall with the goal of completion by 2019.

“It’ll be a bore-and-tunnel project. We’ll have to set up equipment that’ll go down and drill,” Boltz said, adding that the completed culvert will be 6 feet in diameter, wider than the one in place now. “It’s going to be a substantial-size culvert.”

The interior of the new culvert will be covered with plates, and the floor of the culvert will be coated with concrete. Its lifespan should be about 50 years, according to Boltz

“The entire structure will be plate, and this concrete serves as a flow channel and protection for the flow line of the pipe,” he said.