Neighbor’s Cameras Help Identify Moundsville Burglary Suspect


A police investigation sparked earlier in the month was brought to a close Monday evening when police successfully identified a suspect in a home invasion case, thanks to surveillance footage from neighbors.

On Jan. 10, police responded to a call from a Seventh Street address in Moundsville. The caller said it appeared someone tampered with the front door of the home.

Surveillance cameras at a nearby house allegedly show a man approach the house and try several doors. The footage then appears to show him enter the back yard and take the family dog with him. He stayed there for some time before leaving.

The homeowner reported that while nothing appeared to be missing, later inspection showed that a firearm, with an estimated value of $1,000, was missing from the house.

The next day, the man was identified through further surveillance footage as Marvin Brandon Wiggins, 30, of Moundsville, the father of the children who live at the residence. Wiggins had been visiting his children earlier in the day.

Monday evening, police checking an alibi spoke with someone who Wiggins had told police he was staying with at the time. The person allegedly told police that Wiggins asked them to lie, and subsequently told police that Wiggins admitted to breaking in and stealing a gun. The person said Wiggins had sent a video of himself burning his clothes and boots that he had been wearing the night of the break-in. The partially burned clothing was recovered by police near his residence.

“(That person) gave us everything,” Moundsville Detective Bill Whitelatch said. “He sent a video of him burning his clothes after we talked to him … we located a burn barrel and found parts of his Carhartt jacket, which he was wearing the night of the burglary. It completely matched up.”

Wiggins was arrested on charges of nighttime burglary and grand larceny, both felonies, and remains lodged at the Northern Regional Jail on $20,000 bond.

“He’s got an extensive record,” Moundsville Lt. Steve Kosek said.

Marshall County court records indicate Wiggins has been charged more than 40 times since 2005, with offenses including violation of a protective order, domestic battery, sexual assault and petit larceny.