New Equipment For Four Seasons Pool in Moundsville Should be Ready by March

Four Seasons Pool should receive its new dehumidifier by March, Moundsville officials learned Tuesday.

Parks and Recreation Director Rico Coville provided an update to council on maintenance at the pool. He said the Dectron-brand HVAC unit, identified two years ago as being in need of replacement, had been ordered and would be delivered within two months. The cost of the unit is $190,399.

“The company that was building it was on Christmas break, and they said it’ll probably take a good six weeks to put together, then another week or so to get it here, then a week to install it,” Coville said.

Coville said previously the water temperature plummeted after the pool’s heater malfunctioned. Although the water remains cooler than normal, John Marshall High School’s swim team is set to return after the Christmas break.

“We did go out and were able to replace the pump for the Dectron and the heater for the building,” he said. “This was in hopes to get us to March. The building has heat in it, and has pretty much dried up, except where the leaks in the roof are. The pool water itself is 76 degrees. The heater’s doing everything it can, but will have to be replaced at some point.”

In other business, Councilman Gene Saunders expressed concern that occupancy at the city’s new recreational vehicle park remains low, almost a month after opening to tenants.

“They’ve been done since August, and we’ve been dragging our feet. We’ve got three trailers — that’s it,” Saunders said. “We had a company that wanted to lease all those spaces, and we never pursued that.”

Saunders said that while the park was being built, the city was in talks with a construction company to fill the 30-spot park immediately. However, these talks fell through when the company’s deadline passed with the park still unfinished, forcing them to look elsewhere.

City Manager Deanna Hess said she anticipates the spots will go quickly once warmer weather returns.

“I notice some of the other RV parks had people who left. They normally come back around February or the first of March,” she said. “I have all the faith in the world of that.”

Additionally, Hess discussed the recent departure of ESP Ambulance Service, which closed suddenly last week. Hess said Marshall County Administrator Betsy Frohnapfel reassured her the county’s contingency plan ensured no one was left without coverage on days ESP should have been on call.

The Marshall County Commission will meet in a special session at 9 a.m. Thursday to address long-term solutions to the issue.