No Injuries Reported in Five-Car Pileup Near Benwood

Photo Provided Multiple cars are damaged after sliding on black ice Wednesday morning on W.Va. 2 near Benwood.

No one was injured after five cars — including a Marshall County Sheriff’s Office cruiser — were involved in a series of accidents on a W.Va. 2 overpass near Benwood early Wednesday.

Chief Deputy Bill Helms attributed the chaos to black ice on the bridge just before 8 a.m., when the first vehicle lost control with several others soon following. When a deputy responded to the accident, he, too, lost control on the ice, hitting a concrete wall. No injuries were reported.

“All the crash (reports) aren’t in yet, but it looks like four separate crashes with five cars involved, one involved being a deputy,” Helms said. “When he was responding, it was so slick, he bounced off the (wall).”

In an unrelated accident, Helms said a vehicle also lost control and went over an embankment near Boggs Run on Saturday, rolling over once before coming to rest right-side-up, in the creek bed below. The female driver, he said, climbed out of the car uninjured and the car was towed without incident.

Moundsville police, on the other hand, have reported unusually low numbers of accidents since the start of the year. Since Jan. 1, only six accidents have been reported. Of those, four were in retail parking lots and unrelated to weather conditions.