Wheeling Police Investigating Possible Home Invasion Call

The Wheeling Police Department will continue investigating a report of a home invasion in the 100 block of Oakland Avenue in the Springdale section of Wheeling.

Monday afternoon at about 3 p.m., a teenage boy called police to say he encountered an intruder inside his home upon his return home from school.

Police Chief Shawn Schwertfeger said his department responded to a 911 call at the Oakland Avenue residence in which the boy, possibly 14 or 15 years of age, said he received an injury after getting into an altercation over a knife with an intruder.

The teenager said the suspect fled out the back door of his residence after a scuffle.

“We are looking at this child who has no injuries that require any medical treatment. We’ve already broken down the perimeter. The alleged suspect was reported to have fled out the back door of the residence after this confrontation,” Schwertfeger said shortly after he arrived on the scene with about a dozen officers.

The Wheeling Police Department does not believe there is an immediate danger to the residents of the Springdale area. Several police units responded to the late afternoon call and were spotted searching the neighborhood following a 911 call.

“We are continuing to investigate, but at this time I am very confident that the security of the community is a safe one,” Schwertfeger said.

He offered no description of the alleged suspect, and said the investigation would be ongoing.