Cameron Woman Charged With Killing Her Neighbor’s Dog

A woman who called 911 to report that she had shot a neighbor’s dog found herself under arrest for the alleged act, and now faces felony charges.

In October 2017, Connie Tedrow, 43, of Cameron, called police saying that she had shot the dog and requested police assistance. At the scene, the responding officer said he found the dog, with a single gunshot to the head, lying next to its owner’s porch.

Tedrow told police that she believed the dog had killed her cat earlier in the week, and that it had returned, attempting to attack her dog. Tedrow said that after she brought her dog inside, she came back out from the house and shot the neighbor’s dog.

At the scene, police said they were unable to find paw prints, disturbances or anything to support the idea that the dog was in the yard, other than its presence. Some marks on the lattice of the porch were seen, which Tedrow said was where the dog was trying to get in, but were later determined to have been older.

Tedrow was arrested last week and faces a felony count of cruelty to animals. She is currently held without bond at the Northern Regional Jail while she awaits her initial appearance in March.