Failing Bellaire Village Building Roof Springs Leaks And Concerns

Bellaire Clerk-Treasurer Tom Sable warned village council members Thursday they must get the city’s enterprise funds in line — or they might soon not have a roof over their heads.

Council members continue to convene in a chamber in which the ceiling is marked with brown spots and missing tile as a result of a seriously faulty roof.

The estimate to replace the roof has been set at $85,000, according to Sable. Councilman Donnie Maupin asked when the roof repairs could occur.

Sable said he has concerns the roof can’t be replaced, as he fears money from the village’s general fund set aside for the work might have to be used to shore up water, sewer and garbage funds.

Last year, officials used $130,000 from the general fund to keep the enterprise funds in the black at the end of the year. Sable sees the trend continuing.

“My worry is if we don’t have the enterprise funds under control, or have some good direction on where they’re going in 2018 — and the general fund has to be called upon again to bail them out — will we be able to satisfy the debt obligation on the roof?” he asked.

Councilman Dan Brown spoke to the urgency of repairing the roof, noting the interior damage it is starting to cause.

“If we’re talking about this next year, that roof is going to be collapsed,” he said. “We’re going to need all kinds of HVAC and electrical issues.

“The HVAC system might be sitting in the room with us. I’m not trying to be a worrywart, but that’s pretty bad.”

In other matters, Acting Police Chief Richard “Dick” Flanagan and Lt. J.J. Watson received commendation from the Ohio Attorney General’s Office for their efforts in saving the life of a man seeking to jump from a 40-foot high bridge.

During the incident, Flanagan became entangled with the man when his gun belt became stuck to the rail, but he was able to radio Watson for assistance.

Flanagan also said the call box outside the police department door has been removed, and the doors are now open to the public. He said he also has plans to reposition the security cameras located within the municipal building.