Man Charged With Burglary

A disagreement at a McMechen household allegedly led to a series of events that now leaves a Moundsville man facing criminal charges.

In late January, McMechen police received a call of an active domestic disturbance, where a man had left the scene before police arrived. According to the alleged female victim, Michael Midcap, 42, of Moundsville, had been told to leave the house by the resident, which he did before he was locked outside. Shortly after, Midcap was said to have kicked the door down to make his way into the residence, where he violently shook the female, who sustained injuries to her hands.

Midcap, who was soon tracked down, was arrested without incident. He was charged with domestic battery and destruction of property, both misdemeanors, and burglary, a felony, for breaking the door down with the intent of committing the battery. He was taken to the Northern Regional Jail. He was released after posting a $5,000 bond.

In an unrelated incident early Wednesday morning, police responded to a domestic disturbance on Waynesburg Pike, near Moundsville. At the scene, Eric Cecil, 44 of Moundsville, was found, intoxicated, with the alleged victim, who was said to have had blood on her shirt, as well as a swollen and bruised face. Both said they had spent the evening at a bar.

The alleged victim said the argument initiated with a verbal dispute over infidelity, which led to Cecil allegedly smashing the victim’s phone on the floor, which she in turn responded in kind. After the alleged victim said she made a follow-up comment, the alleged victim said Cecil struck her in the eye, causing the injuries.

Cecil was arrested on charges of misdemeanor domestic battery. He was released on $4,000 bond.