Ohio County Voter Info is Reviewed

Photo by Joselyn King Ohio County Commissioners Tim McCormick, from left, Orphy Klempa and Randy Wharton sit down for Tuesday night’s commission meeting.

The deadline for Ohio County voters to update their voting information passed on Feb. 1, Ohio County Administrator Greg Stewart told county commissioners Tuesday.

Last month, county voters who had not turned out for recent elections received the National Change of Address postcard, asking them to update their address information for voting purposes.

Stewart explained one option for the recipient was to do nothing with the card if the information it contained was current. Or the resident could update the information and return it to the commission office. Neither of these actions resulted in the person’s voting registration being deleted.

But if the card was returned to the office with a sticker indicating the person no longer lives at the address, a second attempt was made to mail them the card, Stewart said. If the voter still could not be located, their voting registration was listed in the system “as inactive.”

“They are still in the system, and if they have identification, they can be active again by showing up to vote,” Stewart said. “If we don’t hear from them in the next two election cycles, their registration will be deleted.”

All West Virginia voters are now required to show identification before they can cast a ballot.

Stewart told commissioners the county is looking to refinance its sales tax bond to reduce debt service and “save some money.” He said the change would mean about $55,000 annually to Ohio County.

Commissioners also approved four requests for hotel-motel tax funds: $3,000 for the Ogden Newspapers Half Marathon Classic Run and Walk; $2,000 for the Wheeling Celtic Celebration; $300 for the West Liberty University Men’s Golf Tournament; and $250 for the Wheeling-Oglebay Senior Memorial Tennis Tournament.