Power Restored for Most in Ohio Following Ice Storm


For The Intelligencer

Hundreds of residents in various parts of Belmont County went without electric power for several hours Wednesday, thanks to Winter Storm Liam’s icy rain and snow.

American Electric Power has since restored power to nearly all residents, but at one point there were many without power in western Belmont County including in the Bethesda and Belmont areas. Becky Horne, executive administrative assistant for the Belmont County Emergency Management Agency, said she received just one call from someone seeking help in the Pipe Creek area.

“I had a gal last night caring for an older man in Pipe Creek. Their power finally came on, but I did offer a warming center for them at the community center in Shadyside,” Horne said.

Though several warming centers are available for such emergencies, Horne said some people often choose to stay put because they do not want to leave their homes or their pets.

AEP Ohio spokeswoman Jessica Wright said at the height of the storm there were 6,700 people without power in Belmont County. Crews worked from about 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesday to restore power.

“We had trees on lines that crews needed to remove to make repairs. They were heavy with ice. We had some poles weighted down that we had to replace,” she said.

Belmont County’s warming centers for 2018 include:

∫ Bannock United Methodist Church, Ohio 331, 740-968-3081 or 740-310-1692;

∫ Barnesville Methodist Church, 230 W. Main St., Barnesville, 740-296-8016 or 740-296-8208;

∫ Barton Social Hall, 52067 Church St., 740-296-9708;

∫ Bellaire Salvation Army, 315 37th St., 740-676-6225;

∫ Bethesda Church of the Nazarene, 204 N. Main St., Bethesda, 740-484-1289;

∫ Smith Township Fire Department, Centerville, 740-310-0944;

∫ Colerain Fire Co. Social Hall, 72559 Key-Bellaire Road, Bellaire, 740-699-0425;

∫ Spirit of ’76 Fire Department, 53890 Key-Bellaire Road, Bellaire, 740-676-7676;

∫ Flushing United Methodist Church, 301 High St., Flushing, 740-968-3081 or 740-310-1692;

∫ Grace Presbyterian Church, 7 North Fourth St., Martins Ferry, 740-359-1813;

∫ Maynard United Methodist Church, 71480 Hall St., 740-968-3081 or 740-310-1692;

∫ Sacred Heart Church, 54038 St. Marys Avenue, Neffs, 740-317-4935;

∫ First Presbyterian Church, 110 S. Marietta St., St. Clairsville, 740-310-4641;

∫ Shadyside Community Center, 50 E. 39th St., Shadyside, door is open;

∫ Somerton Fire Department, 55717 Washington St., 740-213-3738;

∫ Sunset Heights Fire Department, 69604 Sunset Heights, Bridgeport, 740-325-8528;

∫ Church of the Nazarene, 100 Ohio 7, Powhatan, 740-742-4105; and

∫ Yorkville United Methodist Church, 121 Third St., Yorkville, 740-859-3013.

The EMA recommends that people call ahead to the centers, but the Shadyside community center’s doors are open. The EMA also recommends people bring their own snacks, prescription medications, cell phone charger and other necessities.