Repeat DUI Offender from Bellaire Loses License for Life

Photo by Robert A. DeFrank Charles R. Seymour receives the maximum sentence of 36 months in Belmont County Common Pleas Court this week after multiple DUI convictions.

A Bellaire man charged with six DUI complaints in his lifetime will never be allowed to drive legally again.

Charles Richard Seymour, 46, of 3043 Belmont St., got the maximum sentence of 36 months for driving under the influence, a felony of the third degree occurring Nov. 29. On Monday, Belmont County Common Pleas Judge Frank Fregiato also suspended Seymour’s driver’s license for life.

His sister, Roxanna Louise Rowe, spoke on Seymour’s behalf, asked Fregiato to consider her brother’s lifetime struggle with drugs and alcohol, and asked that treatment be considered instead of prison. Seymour expressed regret and a desire to reform.

Fregiato said incarceration was necessary in the interest of protecting the public from this continued behavior.

“He’s had four DUIs in 20 years. Six in his lifetime. This is his second felony (DUI). He’s had 12 driver’s license suspensions,” Fregiato said, adding that incarceration is not only about rehabilitation and punishment, but protection of the public. “This court does not want to see the situation where Mr. Seymour is driving a vehicle and hits the 10-year-old little girl standing on the corner.”

Fregiato ordered intensive drug and alcohol treatment.

“I cannot fully protect the citizens of Belmont County, Ohio, but I absolutely am going to do what I can do, and putting this defendant away for 36 months protects those citizens of Belmont County,” he added.