Teen Gets 3-25 Years in Ohio County Circuit Court for Wheeling Island Home Invasion

Photo by Jessica Broverman Jared McKinney, right, is sentenced Thursday in Ohio County Circuit Court for nighttime burglary and malicious assault. Also in attendance, from left, are Wheeling police Detective Brandi Alderman, Ohio County Assistant Prosecutor Gail Kahle and defense attorney Gerry Jacovetty.

Jared McKinney will serve three to 25 years in prison for breaking into a Wheeling Island home and striking a woman in the head with a gun last year.

During his sentencing hearing Thursday on charges of nighttime burglary and malicious assault, McKinney spoke to the court and addressed the grief he caused others through his actions.

“In my 18 years of life, this is the one thing I regret the most. If I could go back to the early morning hours of April 26, 2017 and change what I did, I would because I can see the pain I have caused the victim, the victim’s family … and my family, too.”

McKinney was a minor when he committed his crimes, but has been tried as an adult because he is now 18 years old. McKinney’s attorney, Gerry Jacovetty, told Ohio County Circuit Court Judge James Mazzone that out of all the cases he has been involved in, this is one he does not understand.

“I don’t understand this time. He seems to be a completely different person than what I’ve read about. … He plans to go to business school and open his own business,” Jacovetty said.

McKinney was sentenced to two to 10 years on the malicious assault charge and one to 15 years on the nighttime burglary charge. Jacovetty requested that McKinney’s sentences be served concurrently, a request Mazzone denied.

Ohio County Assistant Prosecutor Gail Kahle argued that McKinney should be thankful he was not given a more serious sentence based on evidence provided from the crime.

“He is lucky it is not a murder case based on the head injuries sustained. … It is a tragedy for everyone involved. He (McKinney) was raised as a ward of the state pretty much. This should not have ever happened,” Kahle said.

According to Kahle, McKinney came into the victim’s home “in the middle of the night demanding money.” McKinney broke into a Wheeling Island home and used a gun to strike a woman in the head while asking her for money.

Once others in the home became aware of the altercation, they called officials. McKinney ran from the scene, only to later be found by police and held without bond at the Ronald C. Mulholland Center.

The victim has since recovered.