Trailer Burglar Sentenced to 2-25 Years in Marshall County

A Marshall County woman who pleaded guilty to breaking into several Fish Creek trailers last year learned her sentence, as did several others in Circuit Court on Monday.

Robyn Cox Parker, 27, entered a guilty plea to grand larceny and burglary before Circuit Judge David Hummel, in relation to a rash of break-ins in Fish Creek in May. Assistant Prosecutor Andrea Poling said police responded to several camps being broken into, where, among other things, a four-wheeler and numerous tools were stolen from the residents.

The items were later recovered and returned to the owners with Parker’s arrest, which was determined by her listing them for sale on Facebook.

When Hummel asked Parker for her motivations, she simply admitted that Poling’s account of the arrest was correct. When further pressed, she attributed the break-ins to a need for drug money.

“Drugs,” she said. “I needed money for drugs.”

Hummel sentenced Parker to one to 10 years for grand larceny, and one to 15 for the burglary charge, to run consecutively for a total of two to 25-year sentence. After one year, Parker could file to be re-evaluated for drug court, after having already been evaluated prior to sentencing.

Also entering a guilty plea was James Bennett, of Moundsville, who admitted to fraudulently using a credit card to make several purchases around town.

Bennett used the card to first purchase a gift card and television — and a soda, which he was seen on camera drinking — from Wal-Mart, before going to another store and buying a video game console, online access, and a game, as well as a gaming magazine. The receipt shows the victim’s card information with Bennett’s rewards card information.

Bennett also attributed his problem to drugs.

“It was around about the same time I was on drugs, and I realized how bad I was getting, and a few weeks later I signed myself into rehab,” Bennett said.

Bennett said someone else found the card and used it before giving it to him for use.

“My ex-girlfriend’s mom was the first one to find it. I’m pretty sure she said she found it in a parking lot,” he said.

Prosecutor Rhonda Wade said the woman was not yet charged, but that after the sentencing, she had revisited the issue and dropped the woman’s information off with Moundsville police.

Bennett will be sentenced in March.