Two Face Arson Charges After Fire At Mozart Bar

A case in which several people attempted to burn down a bar in Mozart led to the arrest of two people Tuesday after the suspects were captured on surveillance footage which survived the fire.

At about 4:30 a.m. Feb. 13, Marshall and Ohio County fire crews responded to a fire at McGovern’s Bar, where a fire alarm reported that the upstairs was on fire. First responders were able to extinguish the blaze before the damage became extensive, and searched the building afterward. Inside, the back door had been pried open, with furniture piled into one corner, and with several security cameras unplugged from the upstairs closet.

Throughout the rest of the bar, the fire was determined to have started in the lottery room, where a chair was set on fire and spread up the wall. One cash register and an ATM machine were found smashed with a sledgehammer which was left laying on the floor, and the gas burners on a grill and an open propane tank were releasing gas into the room. Security footage from one functional camera was taken, and the state fire marshal was notified.

The Marshall County Sheriff’s Office said the footage showed several people entering the bar, two of whom were identified as Codi Daugherty, 26 of Moundsville, and his girlfriend, Kayla McCloud, 21 of Powhatan Point. The people were seen pulling up to the building in two cars, before entering through the front door with a key. Daugherty was allegedly seen walking through the bar “doing various things” before returning with the propane tank and sledgehammer. After allegedly using the hammer to smash the door, in an apparent attempt to make it look like a break-in, the two shared a kiss before Daugherty allegedly lit a couch on fire upstairs, smashing the register and ATM, and lighting two pillows on fire. At that point, Daugherty was seen walking out to the car and leaving.

Both suspects remained at the Northern Regional Jail following their arrest Tuesday and are being held on $60,000 bond. They are each charged with conspiracy, accessory and second and third degree arson.

Sheriff Kevin Cecil said they were awaiting forensic evidence and other details to come out against others involved. He suspected the arson to been committed for insurance reasons.

“We expect more persons to be charged, or at least someone else,” Cecil said. “We’re waiting on some forensic evidence, and some insurance information.”