Wheeling Drivers Are Disgruntled About Dodging Potholes

Photo by Jessica Broverman Residents of Haddale Avenue in Woodsdale are still awaiting potholes on their street to be repaired.

Due to the freeze and thaw of winter weather and recent flooding, the streets of Wheeling have been left with a number of potholes causing many residents to speak out.

Wheeling resident Matt Schrumpf believes many of the road issues have been present since before the winter season began.

“Many of the potholes have been here before the flooding. Most emerged or showed themselves when the snow and ice melted,” said Schrumpf.

Another Wheeling resident, Ian Beabout, says the roads are making it difficult to drive at all in and around the Ohio Valley area.

“I have to go off the road or risk being hit just about everywhere I drive. The Dallas Pike truck stop is particularly bad,” Beabout said.

Local resident Joseph Zombek said, “The roads are like swiss cheese and I’m very upset (about it).”

West Virginia Division of Highways District 6 Manager Gus Suwaid said addressing the post-flooding damage in the area in addition to the potholes will be a necessary challenge.

“Closing roads and additional maintenance in addition to our core maintenance, which is an additional workload just to maintain proper road maintenance will ensure public safety. It will be challenging,” said Suwaid.

Though potholes are abundant in many areas of the Ohio Valley, West Virginia Division of Highways workers were seen in downtown Wheeling addressing the issue Monday afternoon in addition to other areas of the city. Anyone whose vehicle receives damage from a hazard on a state road, can fill out a form through the West Virginia Court of Claims.

There is a waiting period of up to one year before claimants may receive reimbursement through the court, but the state will pay for out-of-pocket costs with consideration to the type of insurance the claimant has. In order to fill out this claim properly, the West Virginia Legislative Claims Commission says to include details of where the accident occurred, receipts for repairs made and photographs of the vehicle and scene of the accident.

Any questions may be directed to the West Virginia Legislative Claims Commission in Charleston at 304-347-4851 or 877-562-6878.