Wheeling Police Investigate Overnight Spree Of Car Break-Ins in Warwood

Officers with the Wheeling Police Department are investigating a spree of reported vehicle break-ins that took place in the 2600 block of Hess Avenue and the 500 block of Warwood Avenue late Thursday or early Friday.

Friday morning, officers were called to the Warwood area after community members reported various items were stolen from their vehicles. Police spokesman Philip Stahl said there were no signs of forced entry at the scene.

It is unclear whether the vehicles were locked, according to Stahl.

“We are not quite sure if they were locked. We believe some of them were. Since there was no sign of forced entry, it makes us believe that they were perhaps unlocked,” he said.

Items reported as stolen include a bank book and cellphone, according to Stahl. One resident told Stahl nothing was stolen from their vehicle, but that someone had clearly gone through their personal items.

As detectives are still learning more about the alleged break-ins, no suspects have been discovered. Stahl urges the public to report any information to police by calling 304-234-3664.

A sequence of vehicle break-ins took place in early November in the 300 block of National Road and the 400 block of Eagle Court as well. The suspects from last year’s crime have not been apprehended.

Stahl advises residents to get into the habit of locking their vehicles and taking personal belongings inside to prevent future thefts from taking place. Other tips to guard against becoming a target include parking in areas with plenty of lighting, or installing anti-theft equipment.