Wheeling Police Officer Collaborates With Student on School Project

Photo Provided Officer Sean Brantley of the Wheeling Police Department believes taking time to visit students is an important part of his career.

Steenrod Elementary School will welcome Officer Sean Brantly of the Wheeling Police Department after he assisted a student with a social studies project that won a second-place ribbon.

Brantley received a message from a little girl named April and her mother this month asking to be interviewed about Wheeling’s K-9 unit.

“The mom did ask if one of us could take questions and I ended up meeting the daughter, April. She was really cute and really excited. She had little index cards and I was invited to the presentation for her social studies project,” said Brantley.

The project included information about police dogs, such as what happens when they retire, where they live and if they have uniforms.

“We ended up getting pictures with April and her ribbon. She got second place, which was really great. She put about seven or eight pictures of me and Jericho on it, and briefly talked about the history of the K-9 unit and what breeds of dogs we have,” said Brantley.

K-9 Jericho has worked alongside Brantley for two and half years, since the dog was 8 months old. Brantley plans on adopting Jericho when he retires.

“He’s just such a happy and excited dog,” Brantley said. “He jumps up and gives you hugs and he’s just a total goof.”

Though the students did not get to meet K-9 Jericho during Brantley’s visit, he does believe taking part in school events is an important part of being a public official.

“With community policing you are bridging a gap between the community and law enforcement. We work best when we work together and we are getting the kids to trust us if they need us and it pertains to the K9’s and drug enforcement team as well,” said Brantley.

Brantley will be visiting Steenrod Elementary School again on April 12 for a K-9 unit demonstration.

“The school was really surprised, but they invited us to a club they have to do a demo, so we will be back. It’s awesome to see a smile from the kids when I do things like that and getting involved with kids is really important,” Brantley said.