Bethlehem Hillside Slip-Slidin’ Away

Photos by Scott McCloskey Construction crews continue moving dirt from a hillside below Oak Circle Drive to Bethlehem Community Park following a recent hill slip.

A major slip repair is progressing on schedule following a large earth slide just below Oak Circle Drive and behind Community Park in Bethlehem, Mayor Tim Bishop said.

Crews with Savage Construction of Wheeling continue to move dirt from the hillside to an open area between the baseball field and the upper playground at the park to allow crews to “bench” and stabilize the hillside. The slip happened about three weeks ago when the ground became saturated from days of rain.

Bishop advised council at its last regular meeting the ongoing work is expected to be similar to the benched out hillsides along Interstate 470.

Bishop called for an emergency council meeting on Feb. 21 to address the nearly100-yard wide slip after weeks of soggy weather hit the region. It was during that meeting that council approved an emergency expenditure of $100,000 to fix the ongoing problem, which broke a water line and created the potential to rupture a sewer line. The water line has since been repaired.

Bishop also advised council the slip caused some damage to one property owner’s driveway.

Bishop said nearly 1,000 tons of earth will be moved to an open area at Community Park to allow crews to bench and reinforce the hillside.

He said the transported dirt will be graded into the field between the basketball court and playground area.

Bethlehem Village Council’s next regular meeting is scheduled for 8 p.m. March 19 at the municipal building, located near Community Park.