Federal Bankruptcy Judge From Wheeling Gets National Honor

Photo by Jessica Broverman U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Patrick Flatley will be inducted into the American College of Bankruptcy as the organization’s first fellow from West Virginia.

U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Patrick Flatley of Wheeling will be the first person from West Virginia to be inducted as a fellow in the American College of Bankruptcy.

Flatley has been a bankruptcy judge for 12 years and has a background in the private practice of law and has participated in educational programs for lawyers and judges. He has authorized several published opinions on bankruptcy laws and has engaged in leadership capacities with the National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges.

“I think it is recognition perhaps that the bankruptcy community in West Virginia is strong and may be small, but it is chock-full of highly competent professionals and I hope I am the first of many,” said Flatley. “I think it’s based upon an overall assessment of ones achievements in the legal field and outside primarily based upon contributions.”

Flatley said he did not anticipate the induction, but is pleased with the College’s decision. “I was both surprised and humbled by the selection. I was surprised because the process is secretive and is not known to the candidate and was humbled by the accomplished nature. In many ways, I don’t feel qualified and I am extremely humbled.”

Flatley believes his background in law, work with the U.S. Attorney’s Office and his late wife are the reasons for his success. “I owe virtually all of my achievements to my wife’s steady hand. I miss her deeply and I wish she were here,” said Flatley.

Flatley’s wife, Rose Flatley, passed away 18 months ago due to a brain tumor after 37 years of marriage.

“My wife was just a wonderful, wonderful lady. She was my anchor and my inspiration through our entire married life,” he said.

Flatley will be inducted into the American College of Bankruptcy in Washington D.C. on Friday. The ceremony will take place at the Smithsonian Donald W. Reynolds Center for American Art and Portraiture. Flatley said his children will be attending.

“I have two children who obviously have been a great support since her death and I look forward to their presence at the induction,” he said.

There are a total of 29 nominees being honored and recognized for exemplary professionalism and contributions to the fields of insolvency and bankruptcy. The nominees reside in 19 states, including residents of the District of Columbia and two foreign countries.


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