Moundsville City Council to Seek Grant for Four Seasons Pool

Moundsville city leaders on Tuesday took steps to begin the next phase of repair work on the Four Seasons Pool, by authorizing an application for a $200,000 grant.

The city is seeking the grant through the Land and Water Conservation Fund to carry out repairs on the pool, which were identified last month by parks and recreation director Rico Coville as including numerous holes in the roof, exposed insulation and other structural issues.

Council voted to pass the grant proposal, with Vice Mayor Phil Remke voting against it. In a discussion afterward, however, Remke floated the idea of bringing in Family Fun Pools to discuss the concept of redesigning the Four Seasons facility into a combination pool, where different uses of the pool are separated

“A combination would help both people who need therapy, and that would be cut off and using an outdoor,” Remke said. “Talking with a gentleman, he said that the pool could be used outside without any problems. Our recreation superintendent said the opposite — I wanted to make sure I was correct in what I was saying. I’d like to have (a representative) come in and give a presentation on a combination pool.”

Remke cited an informal questionnaire he had distributed.

“As an example, out of 46 people who filled out a questionnaire, 15 would like an indoor pool, seven would like a seasonal, and 21 like a combination pool,” Remke said. “I’d like to be able to sit — because we’re looking at this for our budget — and let them have a presentation. It’s something we haven’t looked at before.”

Remke’s motion was seconded by Councilwoman Judy Hunt, and agreed to by most of the rest of council — with the exception of Councilman Gene Saunders.

“I thought we voted last time to renovate the pool. I thought we were done discussing this … pool,” Saunders said. “We said we were settled, and we weren’t going to talk about it, and now we’re bringing it up again. Are we not done with it? What are we doing here? … We need to start concentrating on what our citizens wanted, and get off this dag-gone pool.”

Councilman Dave Wood agreed that while the vote had determined the pool would be renovated without being remodeled as a seasonal pool, this was one option for renovation.

“We’re still going with the pool, but why rule options out?” Wood asked.

Councilwoman Ginger DeWitt pointed out a similar facility she had seen, which she described as “very nice.”

“They have a hot tub inside the pool, and it’s all in sections,” she said.

In other city matters, acting Fire Chief Gary Brandon introduced two new fire department personnel, Brady Clarke and Wendy Wentzell. Clarke is the son of former fire chief Noel Clarke, who passed away in November, and Wentzell also serves as a certified emergency medical technician, and had formerly served as a volunteer with Bethlehem Volunteer Fire Department.

“(Clarke) did very well on his testing, so naturally we took him in,” Brandon said. “We’re proud to have them as part of our family.”

The two had been sworn in Tuesday morning.

Councilman David Haynes, who had been absent for several weeks due to ongoing health problems, also returned Tuesday night, arm in a sling, to a warm welcome from his fellow council members.