Mozart Bar Owner Now Facing Charges In Alleged Arson in Marshall County

After the arrest of two people wanted in connection with an alleged arson attempt at McGovern’s Pub in Mozart, warrants also have been issued for Mike McGovern, the bar owner.

Last week, Marshall County deputies arrested Codi Daugherty and Kayla McCloud for their alleged involvement in attempting to burn down the bar. The two were captured on a security camera entering the front door with a key, moving furniture around to stage a break-in through a back door, and lighting the building on fire with propane and gas from a stove.

McGovern, who was believed to have provided the key and helped drive the pair to the building, had warrants issued for his arrest several days after the arrest of the first two. In the meantime, however, police believe McGovern checked himself into a rehabilitation facility in Pennsylvania, where he will remain for the time being.

“We’re just waiting for the warrants to get served on him, and we’ll move forward with it,” said Detective Bear Mobley. “It’s better that he get the treatment now. He’s not going anywhere, but we’d be just depriving him of treatment. It’s a necessary mental and physical, thing.

“We could jeopardize his health,” added Chief Deputy Bill Helms, of apprehending McGovern. “I think we’d be obligated to stay there and maintain a 24-hour guard on him.”

McGovern also faces charges of second and third degree arson, accessory and conspiracy charges, identical to those Daugherty and McCloud face. Daugherty waived his preliminary hearing Wednesday morning and remains at the Northern Regional Jail in lieu of $50,000 bond.

A fourth person, who was said to have been identified on cameras, was interviewed by police and released, having been deemed not a suspect in the crime.

According to police, the alleged arson attempt occurred on Feb. 13 when several fire alarms were reported coming from the Mozart pub. Several agencies responded to extinguish the fire, which was stopped before external damage was done.