Ohio County Commission Moves Cash for Sports Complex at The Highlands

Photo by Joselyn King Ohio County Commissioner Randy Wharton, left, discusses matters with Administrator Greg Stewart prior to the start of Monday night’s commission meeting.

Ohio County commissioners stepped up to the plate Wednesday to take the first swings at financing construction of a sports complex at The Highlands.

Commissioners appropriated $225,000 in hotel-motel tax funds to begin the project, and this money will be reimbursed once bond financing kicks in, according to County Administrator Greg Stewart.

A $30 million sports complex is to be constructed behind the Marquee Cinemas at The Highlands. The county is working on three separate bond deals, each for $9.5 million, which would be granted for the year just passed in 2017, early in 2018, and again in 2019.

Commissioners also granted hotel-tax dollars to the following events: $2,000 to the Wheeling Arts and Culture Festival; $1,500 to the Ohio Valley Black Heritage Festival; and $300 to the Tri-State Basketball Challenge.

As the May 8 primary election approaches, Stewart announced voting precinct 127 at the McDonough Center on the Wheeling Jesuit University campus must be moved. WJU officials have informed the county they have plans to more utilize the facility, and it will no longer be available for voting.

Precinct 127 will be moved to the Angelus Center at St. Michael Church. Voters will be informed by postcard of the change, and the move will be advertised in newspapers. In addition, signs will be placed on the door of the McDonough Center on Election Day directing voters to the correct location.