Parties Discuss Plea Agreement In Fatal Bellaire Home Invasion Case

The sole remaining co-defendant in the Bellaire home invasion attempt that proved fatal for one of the apparent participants was in court Monday, and the case may soon be resolved.

Thomas Earl Grubba, 34, of Wheeling is accused of conspiring with Joshua Gorayeb, 34, of Wheeling and four others to invade a home at 4157 Noble St. for the purpose of stealing drugs. The occupants of the home were armed and, according to law enforcement, Gorayeb was shot and died at the scene. Grubba was wounded but has recovered.

He has since been ruled competent to stand trial after being remanded to the Timothy B. Moritz Forensic Unit in Columbus. His trial date remains set for April 24, with a plea agreement April 9. However, chief Assistant Prosecutor Kevin Flanagan said the attorneys are progressing toward a possible resolution, and more information could be released this week.

All of the co-defendants in the home invasion were originally charged with robbery, aggravated burglary and complicity to robbery and burglary leading to a death. According to law enforcement, since the alleged crime led to a death, all co-defendants were subject to a murder charge.

Grubba’s co-defendants are James McMasters, 46, of Bellaire, who was sentenced to the maximum of 11 years for involuntary manslaughter. Law enforcement described him as the ringleader of the plan and a former resident of the target home.

Michael Scott Posey, 33, of Bellaire, whose role was described as the driver, got a sentence of five years for involuntary manslaughter, then an additional six months for vandalizing government property by damaging bathroom equipment while he was held in jail.

Diane Kuri, 28, of Wheeling is serving the balance of a year’s incarceration with credit for 191 days. She had been released in November due to her cooperation with law enforcement after her conviction for conspiracy to commit burglary, but she admitted to probation violations including failure to report to her parole officer.

The owner of the targeted house, Lola Eden, 54, is serving nine years in prison for trafficking in drugs with a gun specification.