Strikers in Moundsville Say Man Brandished Firearm at Them

Man told police he was only adjusting it

Photo by Jessica Broverman Marshall County Schools employees picket Monday at the corner of Seventh Street and Lafayette Avenue in Moundsville, where some of the strikers said they saw a passing driver brandish a gun at them.

Police officers eventually determined that a man who allegedly brandished a handgun at picketing teachers and school service personnel at the corner of Seventh Street and Lafayette Avenue in Moundsville early Monday “did not intend to do anything,” according to Police Chief Tom Mitchell.

Mitchell said officers located the man by Monday afternoon. Mitchell said the man told officers his concealed carry firearm was causing him discomfort while he drove down the road.

“It was a handgun in a holster,” Mitchell said of the man. “He said he was driving down the road and his gun was sticking him. He said the gun came out of his holster while adjusting it.”

According to Marianne Knapp, a bus driver participating in the protest, the incident did not deter their efforts.

“I’m not scared. It makes us more aware of our surroundings. … We have parents that do the same thing as him: screaming and yelling and carrying on when we’re by ourselves,” Knapp said.

Several teachers at the protest confirmed they did see the man allegedly brandishing a firearm. Fellow bus drivers Gene Magnone and Andrea Haught agreed they are, “not very fearful people.”

“They think they can intimidate us, but we’re bus drivers and we’re still here,” Magnone said.

Mitchell said the matter will be referred to the Marshall County Prosecutor’s office, and no charges have been filed against the man, whose name has not been released.