Warrant Issued in Wheeling Gas Station Assault

The Wheeling Police Department issued a warrant for Stacey Davis, 33, of Wheeling, after she allegedly assaulted a woman at a local gas station late Sunday.

Davis faces one charge of battery after allegedly hitting a woman who was with her daughter.

Davis allegedly struck the woman with her purse and pulled her hair inside the gas station at the intersection of National Road and Bethany Pike.

The daughter was not injured during the alleged altercation. According to officials, the two women did not know each other.

After investigating, officials believe they have identified the woman who instigated the alleged attack.

“People were able to identify her and there is footage that we looked at,” police spokesman Philip Stahl said.

“We have identified the vehicle, but she was not the driver.”

According to Stahl, Davis was in the passenger seat of the vehicle based off of surveillance footage reviewed by officials and provided by the gas station.

“Why she did it, we don’t know. I guess she walked in to buy something, but we really don’t know why it happened,” Stahl added.


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