Robbery Suspects Among 27 Indictments in Ohio County

An indictment in the recent bank robbery at The Highlands was among 27 returned during the Ohio County grand jury’s May 2018 term.

Aaron Randolph Haseltine, 35, was arrested in March after allegedly robbing the WesBanco branch at The Highlands on March 23. Sheriff’s deputies said no weapon was shown when Haseltine allegedly handed a teller a note demanding money. The robber left with about $2,000 in cash. Officers arrested Haseltine a short time later just before he reached Elm Grove.

Haseltine faces one felony charge of bank robbery.

People charged in violent crimes also were among those indicted. They included Eduardo Alvendia, 35, of Wheeling, for his alleged role in robbing the Up on the Lane Cafe on April 15. Morris was arrested May 1 after his alleged accomplice and girlfriend, Kristina Morris, identified him to police. Morris was not listed among the 21 named indictments but faces a charge of felony conspiracy for allegedly holding the door open for Alvendia, according to a police complaint.

Also indicted was Treyvon Makelle Montgomery, 23, charged with felony counts of wanton endangerment involving a firearm, person prohibited from possessing a firearm, first degree robbery, malicious assault, and two counts of burglary.

Montgomery was arrested March 31. Police reports indicate multiple charges dating from two separate occasions in March. On March 13, he allegedly forced his way into a home on Peter’s Run Road and attacked a resident with a hammer while strangling her, causing severe bruising to her eyes, and taking around $1,000 in cash and some marijuana. The second incident, which allegedly took place March 31, involved a witness saying Montgomery drew a gun and attempted to shoot a person who answered the door at a Wood Street residence. He allegedly said he had “nothing to lose.” The gun jammed and Montgomery allegedly left it behind while fleeing.

Montgomery was convicted previously of robbery and two counts of assault in the commission of a felony in January 2015. He was sentenced to three-to-15 years in prison. Court records do not indicate when he was released from prison.

Other indictments included:

∫ James Allen Hunter, failure to register as a sex offender, second offense;

∫ Robert Frank Baldwin III, two counts of failure to register as a sex offender;

∫ Rodney Guthrie, two counts of use of obscene matter with intent to seduce a minor and one count of third degree sexual assault;

∫ Kenneth Wallace, failure to register as a sex offender;

∫ Dustin Smithers, third offense domestic violence and violation of a probation condition;

∫ Shane Parr, attempted murder and malicious assault;

∫ Candice Custer-Starcher, child neglect resulting in injury;

∫ Todd Manning, malicious assault;

∫ Adam Caldwell, third or subsequent offense domestic battery and second office battery on a government representative;

∫ Thomas Conner, domestic battery and strangulation;

∫ Damon Moore, attempt to disarm and officer and malicious assault on an officer;

∫ Kemaun Borne, wanton endangerment involving a firearm and person prohibited from possessing a firearm;

∫ Dustin Freeman, burglary;

∫ Dontrell Ivery, failure to appear and escape from confinement;

∫ Erica Shaffer, possesion with intent to deliver cocaine, possession with intent to deliver heroin, transportation with intent to deliver heroin into the state, delivery of cocaine and two counts of conspiracy;

∫ Robert Leonard, first degree sexual abuse and sexual abuse by a custodian;

∫ Michael Newell, first degree sexual abuse and sexual abuse by a custodian; and

∫ Corey Cockerham, third offense shoplifting.