Marshall County Board of Education Awards $1.8M Bid For Monarch Stadium

Photo by Alan Olson Monarch Stadium has been demolished, and the site now awaits the arrival of materials to begin rebuilding the grandstands.

Marshall County Schools awarded a $1.8 million bid for front end construction work of the district’s Monarch Stadium.

While the structure itself is still scheduled to be completed by its August deadline, work on the renovated stadium’s concessions, restrooms and ticket booth buildings may take as long as November to be completed. In the meantime, facility director Ron Blatt said temporary facilities would be in place to serve games held during the fall season.

“We’ll have accommodations for restrooms and concessions while that is underway,” Blatt said.

The contract for the buildings was awarded to Wheeling-based Jarvis, Downing & Emch Inc. in the amount of $1,871,950, which was the lowest bid of three. Those included Grae-Con Construction, which was performing renovation work on the stadium structure itself.

Blatt said the price exceeded projected values by including additional components, such as a retaining wall. The projected cost of this phase of the project was around $1.2 million, he said.

“When we looked at projections, we were thinking of the building itself,” he said. “This phase includes not only the building, but a large retaining wall and a handicap access at the south end, near the current fieldhouse, and wraps around the lower radius of the track. We’ve got a large concrete plaza around the building … this project includes resurfacing and adding asphalt to connect to the existing parking lot for (Moundsville) Middle School.”

Blatt pointed out that the work would include a more secure foundation for the building, which would prevent structural problems in the future.

“There’s added elements into this phase, but when you look at the other two bids, they were within $5,000 of each other,” he said. “We feel that we definitely received a favorable bid from JD&E and they’re very excited to start on this project.”

Renovation work on the stadium has been underway for some time, with the field now lying as a flattened strip of mud. With demolition complete, the next week will see the structure start to be rebuilt.

“Stadium Solutions Inc. is expecting steel on Monday, and aluminum, for the risers,” said Blatt. “The grandstands should be here relatively soon — they said they should have the superstructure erected within a week’s time, and then the process will slow down with the aluminum.”

The same company also was awarded a $136,400 for a renovation project at Moundsville Middle School, where the school entrance is to be renovated to increase safety features, such as a mantrap.

“As soon as you come in the existing entry, there will be another set of doors to prevent you from going further in, and to the left there’d be the receptionist, like they have at John Marshall,” Blatt said. “It’s designed, we took into account the principal, vice-principal and resource officer’s comments so that it works best.”

Blatt said the work would likely begin in June, and finish the conference area by the time school starts, with the waiting area completed after.

Board president Tom Gilbert said the funding for this project — the first of three — would be coming from the school levy, which will take effect July 1. The other two projects to go out to bid at a later date are at Center McMechen Elementary School and Cameron Elementary School.