Creek Repair in Glen Dale Begins Next Month

Photo by Alan Olson Marshall County Commissioners Bob Miller, Scott Varner and John Gruzinskas approve work to repair the banks of Little Grave Creek in Glen Dale during the commission’s Tuesday meeting.

Bank repair work on Little Grave Creek will begin in mid-September now that the Marshall County Commission has authorized agreements for property access.

Commissioners authorized Tuesday six access points at various points in Glen Dale for the repair work on the banks of Little Grave Creek, which the commission has been eyeing for much of the year. Earlier in August, repair work was awarded to Canonsburg, Pennsylvania-based Cast and Baker Corp. for the low bid of $178,500. That prompted the commission to move forward with finalizing the next phase of the work.

County administrator Betsy Frohnapfel presented the property access agreements for the commissioners’ approval, which they granted unanimously. The agreements make the creek accessible for repair equipment while ensuring that damaged property as a result of the repairs will be replaced.

“We made an agreement saying, ‘You let us use your property, anything we disturb, we will make sure it gets back to the way it was originally,” she said.

In other business, Marshall County EMS Ground Team Manager Steve Jenkins lauded six first responders who had been recognized for their life-saving efforts.

Heather VanScyoc, Dave Jones, Bruce Helman, Tyler Carney, Crystal Brown and Marlena Barton were the paramedics and EMTs who were recognized. Wheeling Hospital had sent letters of recognition for them during the past three months.

In one incident, an ATV accident resulted in severe injuries, including numerous fractures, abrasions and a hand injury. In another, a patient suffered a massive heart attack — which Jenkins described as being of the worst kind, nicknamed the “widowmaker.”

“All those crew members did an excellent job,” he said. “We’ve got the best of the best here in Marshall County.”

Commissioner Bob Miller also took the time to express his condolences to the family of former Commissioner Stan Stewart, whose wife, Frankie, died Aug. 20.


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