JB Green Team Asks Residents to ‘Stock the Pantry’ to Help Feed the Hungry

The JB Green Team is asking area residents to “stock the pantry” between Monday and Nov. 16 by depositing paper, books and cardboard in the recycling trailer parked near J.C. Penney’s entrance at the Fort Steuben Mall.

All proceeds from the recyclables will be donated to local food pantries.

“JB Green Team is asking residents to help our local food pantries by participating in this recycling event,” said E. Louise Holliday, environmental educator.

Anita Petrella, executive director for JB Green, said the “Stock the Pantry/America Recycles Day” event has collected more than 58 tons of paper and paper products.

“In 2017, JB Green Team recycled 23,334 pounds of paper and paper products and we hope to collect more paper this year,” Petrella said. “We know times are hard for families and JB Green Team would like to help families this holiday season.”

Petrella thanked Valley Converting and the Fort Steuben Mall for their annual assistance with the event.

Natalie Lysle, JB Green administrative assistant, said according to EPA estimates, paper accounts for 41 percent of the municipal solid waste in landfills.

“This is a perfect opportunity to help us remove paper from the solid waste stream while you help your local food pantries,” Lysle said.

Paper items to be recycled should be placed into a paper box or a paper bag, or placed loose into the blue bin with the “America Recycles Day/Stock the Pantries” banner in the lot at the mall.

JB Green Team reminds recyclers that paper plates, cups, napkins, candy wrappers or other items soiled with food cannot be recycled.

America Recycles Day, Nov. 15, is a national Keep America Beautiful program and is the only nationally recognized day and community-driven recycling awareness event in the U.S. It was first held in 1997.


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