Village of Bellaire Will Advertise Administrator Position

Photo by Shelley Hanson West Liberty University senior social work students Jessica Roth, of Weirton, left, and Bailey Timmons, of Columbus, Ohio, wait for a closed-door session to end Thursday during a Bellaire Village Council meeting. The students were observing the meeting as part of a research project.

The village of Bellaire still is without a full-time administrator.

Following a regular Bellaire Village Council meeting Thursday, Mayor Vince DiFabrizio said he plans to advertise the position after two of the candidates he was considering took jobs elsewhere.

He said Village Council is working to determine a new salary for the position, and as soon that is set, he plans to advertise the job.

The position was left vacant after Scott Porter quit and took a job as service director for the city of Martins Ferry. Since then, DiFabrizio has been filling the role.

Meanwhile, during the meeting, DiFabrizio said he has been working on fixing issues related to Second Avenue in West Bellaire. He said a contractor is expected to install new curbs Oct. 22 for $9,000 and paving work will be done after that.

Residents of that neighborhood have been complaining about the state of the road following the completion of a massive stormwater pipe replacement there. DiFabrizio himself has been moving dirt into areas where it was displaced during the job.

“I’m not stopping on this project,” he said. “I’ve been getting a lot of heat on this. We’ve got to get all the topsoil in before we put the curbs in.”

Councilman Mike Doyle inquired as to whether another bid had been considered for the curb replacement. He was under the impression another one had been given to the former village administrator. DiFabrizio said he did not see another bid.

West Bellaire resident Richard Frizzi, who also owns the Frizzi’s Market there, said residents started a petition to get the work done as soon as possible. He gave it to DiFabrizio.

“We’re running out of time,” Frizzi said. “There could be delays and this could not get done before inclement weather starts. We’ve petitioned for action.”

In other matters:

∫ A couple of residents on Upper Clinton Avenue complained about the state of their road. They asked that it be fixed soon. DiFabrizio said the road was among the projects approved by Federal Emergency Management Agency to receive federal funding.

∫ Councilman Gay Lucci said council’s utility committee recommends accepting the bid for a new garbage packer from O.S. Hill in Wheeling along with a dump truck. Lucci said he did not have the cost with him, but that Treasurer Tom Sable knew the numbers. Sable was not in attendance Thursday.

∫ The village’s Trick or Treat session is scheduled from 6-7:30 p.m. Oct. 31.

∫ In his report, police Chief Richard “Dick” Flanagan said people whose properties were cited under the nuisance ordinance and did not show up for court are now having their licenses suspended. He said they also will be blocked from trying to register again until they cooperate and pay their fines.

∫ Bellaire Volunteer Fire Department Capt. Ben Heslop said the department will be sending out three air cylinders to be refurbished by the Dalmation Fire Equipment Co. of Colorado. Another batch will be sent in January. He said this will make the cylinders last another five years. The cost to do three bottles is $1,020.

∫ Councilman Donny Maupin said a group of residents and himself are planning to repaint some curbs and crosswalks in the downtown area from 8 a.m. to noon Oct. 13-14. The village, he said, already has the necessary paint and rollers. Flanagan said he would help Maupin make sure the lines were painted according to Ohio Department of Transportation specifications.

∫ DiFabrizio acknowledged two special visitors to council: West Liberty University senior social work students Jessica Roth, of Weirton, and Bailey Timmons, of Columbus, Ohio. The students were observing the meeting as part of a research project.


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