Photo by Alan Olson

Kersten Marquart, a sixth-grade English-Language Arts teacher at Sherrard Middle School, was awarded the Eddie C. Kennedy Reading Teacher of the Year award. Marquart, a teacher for 26 years, was selected by the Marshall County Reading Council to receive the Rita Takach Reading Teacher of the Year award, which enabled her to represent Marshall County among five other counties in the West Virginia Reading Teacher of the Year conference. Marquart was selected as the overall winner earlier this month. She said she feels that a more communal approach to reading helps students absorb information and makes the classroom setting more fun. “We read aloud every day,” Marquart said. “We do different voices and things, and I think they respond to that. They ask, ‘What’s the next thing we’re going to read?’ and they get excited. I love what I do, I love English, and I’m just kind of a back-to-basics, conscientious teacher.”