Students, Teachers Give Brooke County Board of Education an Earful

Students and teachers spoke to the Brooke County Board of Education, sharing their major concerns with what the district chooses to fund.

Among those speaking were Brooke High School seniors Sarah Ross and Ethan Bradley.

“We appreciate you sharing your vision of a student lounge in the library with cellphone charging stations,” said Ross while addressing Superintendent Toni Shute. “However, we student leaders would like to see more classroom time instead of shuffling to the library or cafeteria due to no substitutes. We would like to see our education be your main concern other than insignificant issues.”

Bradley expressed his exhaustion with the school system, saying he had received his school-provided Chromebook in October but did not get a charger until November.

“This greatly impacted my ability to successfully function within the classroom,” he said

The room filled with cheers from the roughly 40 community members who attended the meeting.

Another speaker was science teacher Amy McMahon from Brooke High, who described herself as not only frustrated but embarrassed by what she perceives as a lack of funding and support.

“It is now December, and I have spent $600 in my classroom and on my students,” said McMahon.

As a result of Monday’s meeting, teachers’ salaries will be discussed at the next meeting, but McMahon added the bigger issue is with the students’ education.

“Do you think a classroom of 35 to 40 is beneficial to those students?” she asked the board.

Parents of students also expressed concern about the size of classrooms, noting that when teachers’ do no come into work, students are sent to the library and made to sit on the floor because of a lack of seating.

“You’re telling our children to sit on the floor because you are combining classes,” said one parent.

“It’s ridiculous,” the parent added.

The board had no comment on that issue but plans to schedule a question-and-answer session to deal with any concerns that have not been addressed.


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