Police Arrest Two Men For Vehicle Break-Ins in Martins Ferry

Martins Ferry police arrested two men who allegedly were breaking into vehicles Wednesday morning in the southern end of the city.

Police Chief John McFarland said officers arrested Levi G. Ray, 21, of 522 Bennett St., Bridgeport and Tanner R. Goddard, 22, of 721 N. Fourth Ave., Paden City. Both were charged with criminal mischief and theft.

“Just after 2 a.m. (Wednesday), officers received a report of two men dressed in dark clothing, hoods and masks on their faces walking and pulling on car door handles. Officers responded to the area. After a brief search they located two males fitting the description. Both males were wearing backpacks and had hoods on and gloves.

“After questioning both men and some investigation work it was determined that they had both been breaking into vehicles. Officers did recover property that was confirmed stolen from a victim. Both men were transported to the Belmont County Jail. I credit Sgt. (Bob) Walton, Officer Mika Armstrong and Officer Steve Stan for the arrest and a big thank you to the person who reported the incident,” McFarland said.

McFarland noted if anyone discovers their vehicle was entered they should call the police department at 740-633-2121.


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