Wheeling, Belmont County Police Reports


From 8 a.m. Tuesday to 8 a.m. Wednesday, officers handled eight traffic stops and three miscellaneous calls.


At 8:23 a.m., Kruger Street, disorderly adult.

At 8:52 a.m., Warwood Avenue, false alarm (business).

At 9:03 a.m., Jacob Street, abandoned vehicle.

At 9:17 a.m., Cherry Hill Road, civil matter.

At 10 a.m., Market Street, fraud.

At 12:27 p.m., 15th Street, suspicious person.

At 12:50 p.m., North Erie Street, out with subject.

At 1:26 p.m., Main Street, theft.

At 2:07 p.m., Hildreth Avenue, enter without breaking.

At 2:48 p.m., National Road, shoplifting.

At 3:03 p.m., South Huron Street, suspicious person.

At 3:19 p.m., National Road, animal complaint.

At 3:20 p.m., Main Street, probation violation warrant.

At 3:39 p.m., Zane Street, disorderly adult.

At 4:03 p.m., Junior Avenue, transport.

At 4:10 p.m., National Road, motorist assist.

At 4:33 p.m., Main Street, threat.

At 4:36 p.m., Interstate 70, motorist assist.

At 5:24 p.m., Eoff Street, disorderly juvenile.

At 5:51 p.m., Main Street, improper parking.

At 6:06 p.m., 16th Street, disorderly adult.

At 7:11 p.m., National Road, destruction of property.

At 7:37 p.m., I-70, motorist assist.

At 7:58 p.m., South Broadway, possession of a controlled substance.

At 8:38 p.m., Brook Avenue, domestic.

At 9:09 p.m., 33rd Street, suspicious person.

At 9:28 p.m., Zane Street, stolen vehicle.

At 10:56 p.m., Garden Court, destruction of property.

At 11:31 p.m., Washington Avenue, drug activity.

At 11:57 p.m., Main Street, drug activity.


At 12:39 a.m., South Penn Street, brandishing. Officers were dispatched to the area of Exit 0 on Interstate 70 for a possible intoxicated driver who may have struck the barrier. The officers did not locate the driver of the vehicle initially, but further investigation led them inside a business in the 600 block of South Penn Street. When officers approached the suspect inside about the situation, he displayed and later attempted to conceal a firearm. He placed the weapon on the ground after multiple verbal orders by police and was arrested. Armando Sanchez-Pedro, 31 of Ponteau, Oklahoma was taken into custody and is charged with brandishing, obstructing and unlawful assault on an officer.

At 12:45 a.m., South Penn Street, driving under the influence, one-way violation.

At 2:01 a.m., Chapline Street, found item.

At 2:05 a.m., National Road, out with subject.

At 3:16 a.m., Lane 20, suspicious person.

At 7:11 a.m., I-70, motorist assist.

At 7:21 a.m., Chapline Street, welfare check.

At 7:43 a.m., West Street, transport.


At 4:28 p.m. Tuesday, caller from Crescent Road, St. Clairsville, reported a dog that bites came after them. The caller advised this has happened before. The caller was advised to contact the Belmont County Animal Shelter.

At 9:23 a.m. Tuesday, a sergeant responded to Barton-Blaine Road, Bridgeport, for a report of harassment.

At 3:09 p.m. Tuesday, a deputy responded to an address on Depot Street, Flushing, to serve a warrant. One female, whose name was not listed in the incident report, was taken into custody.

At 1:12 p.m. Tuesday, deputies on a traffic stop on 48th and Jefferson streets, Bellaire, detained a female after narcotics were found.

At 11:03 a.m. Tuesday, a deputy responded to Flat Rock Extension, Somerton, after a caller reported cattle in their yard. The caller stated they did not know who owned the cattle.

At 11:12 a.m. Tuesday, a complainant from Bend Fork Road, Washington Township, reported someone trespassing on their property. The caller requested extra patrols in the area.

At 7:48 a.m. Tuesday, units responded to Ashton Street, Flushing, after a caller advised a subject working on the house threatened her with a “.38.” Officers spoke to all parties involved. No charges were sought by the complainant, according to the report.