Bellaire Police Make Second Drug Trafficking Arrest in One Week

A complaint of drug activity at an apartment resulted in the arrest of a Bellaire man late Tuesday.

After receiving a complaint of possible drug activity at 433 32nd St., Shepherd Apartments, Bellaire, officers arrested Troy D. Jeffers Jr., 40, of Bellaire around 9:55 p.m. Monday.

Bellaire police Chief Dick Flanagan said officers knocked on unit 510, heard a commotion and about two minutes later Jeffers answered the door. Officers smelled a marijuana odor and noticed marijuana in plain view inside the apartment.

While talking with officers, Jeffers allegedly told officers that he did sell various kinds of marijuana.

Officers found about 200 grams of marijuana store in several different jars inside the apartment.

Flanagan said Jeffers apparently was staying with his mother who lived in the apartment. In addition to the marijuana, officers also found drug pipes.

They also noticed a white residue on a dresser; Jeffers allegedly admitted to snorting crushed Vicodin.

He said Jeffers is being charged with trafficking in drugs, possession of drugs and possession of paraphernalia.

Flanagan said his new officers are getting to know members of the community better, which has led to better police work.

“With the officers talking with people now and getting communication back, we’re getting a lot from Bellaire,” he said. “It took some time for people to get used to the new officers. Even though they’re new, they have experience.”

This is the second trafficking-in-marijuana arrest for Bellaire police in a week. Last Thursday night on Noble Street, Bellaire police arrested Anthony McGhee Jr., 24, for trafficking marijuana, assault and endangering children.

They allegedly recovered 3/4 pound of marijuana and $10,961 in cash following a foot pursuit with the man.

His arrest was prompted after a couple came to the station to complain about an assault. They claimed McGhee threw a brick at their vehicle and then tried to climb over their child in the backseat to get to them. He is being held at the Belmont County Jail on a total of $37,500 in bonds.


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