Chartiers Township Woman Accused of Starving Horses to Death

A Chartiers Township, Pa. woman was charged Monday with starving two horses to death last month.

The Washington Area Humane Society charged Linda Lee Stiles, 74, of 420 Arthur Road, with two counts of aggravated cruelty to animals resulting in death after Smith Township police discovered the dead animals Feb. 18, court records show.

Smith police contacted a humane officer regarding the dead horses that were discovered at 171A Dinsmore Road.

The officers walked the field and noticed no evidence that hay or any other kind of feed had been provided to the horses prior to their deaths, the affidavit indicates.

The humane officer noted in the record that he had received previous complaints about Stiles and animal neglect.

A veterinarian went to the same field the following day and she concluded that the thin horses had not been supplied with enough nutrition to survive.

District Judge Gary Havelka issued the charges Monday in a summons.


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