Marshall County Sheriff’s Office Investigates UTV Thefts in Glen Easton Area

Photo Provided A side-by-side was stolen from a remote location near Glen Easton over the weekend.

Marshall County sheriff’s deputies are investigating a series of thefts that have resulted in six side-by-side utility vehicles stolen in the last two months.

Over the weekend, deputies responded to a location on New Bethel Road, in the Glen Easton area, where a shipping container had been locked containing a Kawasaki Mule UTV. The lock was found to have been cut with what appeared to be an abrasive wheel.

Chief Deputy Bill Helms said this was the sixth side-by-side to have been stolen from that general area of the county in the last six weeks.

“It was the same, general southeastern part of the county, and a couple of those were even recovered,” Helms said. “We’re getting hit pretty hard.”

He added the remote location makes it easier for would-be thieves.

“It’s making noise and taking a little bit, but some of those locations are so remote, you could open them with dynamite,” he added. “We do believe it’s in the nighttime, so we’re setting up extra patrols and watching that area more closely.”

One male, bearded suspect was seen on a security camera at about 10 p.m. Thursday, wearing a light-colored jacket and hat, scoping the area out with a flashlight. Helms said he does not know how many suspects are involved in the thefts or if a group was responsible.

Helms asks anyone with any information to contact him at 304-843-1500.


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