Belmont County Tourism Prepares for National Road Yard Sale Days

Photo Provided People visit some of the many yard sales set up along National Road about a year ago. Sales will be abundant along U.S. 40 again next weekend, during the annual Historic National Road Yard Sale Days celebration.

Whether you simply like to browse or you are looking for a one-of-a-kind item, the opportunity to find something special will stretch across more than 800 miles next weekend.

The Belmont County Tourism office is promoting the Annual Historic National Road Yard Sale Days, beginning Wednesday and continuing through June 2. The event is frequently referred to by several other names — the U.S. 40 Yard Sale, Route 40 Yard Sale and Route 40 Flea Market — but each year it provides people the chance to find treasures that may not be available in any other place.

“No matter what you call it, the event features miles of yard sales that many look forward to,” Barbara Ballint, executive director of Belmont County Tourism, said.

Stretching 824 miles across the nation from Baltimore, Maryland, to St. Louis, Missouri, and passing right through the center of Ohio and across the Northern Panhandle of West Virginia, the six-state long yard sale is reportedly the longest continuous garage/yard sale in the country. The event started in 2004 when an antique store owner in Dublin, Indiana, had the idea to take her collectibles to the streets to sell to passing motorists. This year marks the “Sweet 16” 16th anniversary of the event.

The bumper-to-bumper extravaganza runs through some historic areas of Ohio, including parts of Belmont and Guernsey counties.

“Belmont County Tourism Council promotes this event, as we have visitors from close and far away who will be traveling National Road-U.S. Route 40 to shop for others’ unwanted items,” Ballint said. “Belmont County residents go through their storage, attic, basement, garage and any other place that they may have items that could turn into treasures for others. It is said that you can find everything from antiques to furniture, artwork, glassware and pottery.”

Visitors look forward to traveling U.S. 40, visiting historic areas and looking for bargains. Ballint said residents of Belmont County set up tables from Bridgeport to Morristown as well as in many other areas of the county.

“Some people set their tables up from dawn to dusk every day of the event. Others set up just for one or two days,” Ballint noted.

The tourism office offers free “Yard Sale” signs while supplies last. For more information and to get a free sign, stop by the Belmont County Tourism office in the Ohio Valley Mall or call 740-695-4359.


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