Man Arrested After Alleged Assault With Grill Skewer on Wheeling Island


A wellness check on Wheeling Island led to the arrest of a man accused of stabbing a woman with a grilling skewer.

On Thursday, Wheeling police responded to a request for a wellness check on a woman, who apparently was unresponsive in her car at the Island Coffee Shop. The woman was napping, and when asked by officers, said she was on her way to the YWCA when she pulled into the lot and fell asleep.

She told police that she and her ex-boyfriend, Roy Gray III, 52, of Wheeling, had gotten into an argument that morning. She said it began with shoving, but the dispute escalated into Gray allegedly grabbing a skewer from the bedside and stabbing her in the side of the neck.

Officers noted a paper towel, covered in dried blood, was present in the car and a large wound was visible on the woman’s neck.

Gray was later arrested and charged with malicious wounding, a felony. He remained lodged at the Northern Regional Jail on Friday in lieu of $10,000 bond. His preliminary hearing is set for June 3.

In an unrelated arrest, Joseph Kelley, 32 of Carrollton, Georgia, was arrested after a two-car crash on May 11 in Wheeling. At the scene, one driver was found by first responders to be screaming in pain. He was taken away for treatment.

Kelley, who had been driving the wrong way on Market Street, allegedly was found with an open bottle of beer spilling out of his console. He reportedly told officers that he’d had moonshine and beer to drink.

Reports indicate Kelley allegedly said, “I (messed) up, I’m guilty.”

At Ohio Valley Medical Center, Kelley allegedly was found to have a blood alcohol level of 0.229 percent. He was charged with DUI causing serious injury, a felony.

In another unrelated arrest, Linda Boles, 64, of Wheeling was arrested for embezzlement in her role as the property manager for the Glenview I and II townhouses. According to an audit by the accountant at Chaplin Construction, the parent company of Glenview Ltd., the company was short $12,267.50 from what records indicate should have been collected.

Records were compared beginning in April 2018; Boles had been property manager for four years.

According to police, Boles had been collecting cash payments from a tenant, against company policy, which were not noted in deposit records. Money orders were collected and not accounted for, with Boles allegedly crossing out names and apartment numbers and applying them to her property.

Other discrepancies include collecting “pet fees” from apartments without pets and missing background check payments, reports state.

Boles has posted bond and been released while awaiting her preliminary hearing at a future date.


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