Gunshot Victim’s Identity Unknown

WHEELING — West Virginia Northern Community College officials still do not know if a man shot Tuesday is a student at the Wheeling campus, but police have commended the college for its emergency response.

The gunshot victim who walked into the emergency room of the Ohio Valley Medical Center at 5 p.m. still has not been identified by police. He reportedly told hospital officials he is a WVNCC student, and he claimed to have been shot on Chapline Street just two blocks from the hospital.

Today, WVNCC Dean of Community Relations and Institutional Advancement Robert DeFrancis said no blood or shell casings were found on the campus at Chapline and 16th streets. According to information from the Wheeling Police Department,“there is no factual information in regard to when, where or how the victim was injured.” The victim is in stable condition, according to that report.

The Wheeling police report indicates the college handled the emergency situation well. It states the college acted “promptly and appropriately.” DeFrancis said he is pleased with the school’s handling of the situation and the emergency plan.

According to the school’s alert, “Wheeling campus police were present near the Wheeling campus at approximately 5:15 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 30, for an unconfirmed shooting.

A person who claims to be a student walked himself to OVMC for treatment of a wound he alleges he received on Chapline Street. The college learned of this incident as an administrator was leaving the building and saw police on the premises.”

The alert also notes no shell casings or blood were found on or near the campus, and that police “do not believe there is a threat to students at this time.”

Fike noted since police determined there was no threat, students and faculty were being allowed to conduct business as usual.

A desk sergeant at police headquarters Tuesday said officers still were at the hospital trying to gather information. He said no one reported hearing shots fired in the area. At a nearby car dealership, employees standing outside said they had not heard any gunshots.

The desk sergeant noted it was possible the shooting happened in another town. Someone who didn’t want to get involved, he speculated, could have dropped the man off at the school and made him walk to the hospital.