City of Benwood Designs New Flag

BENWOOD — It’s blue and gold and bears the city’s official label, “Where everybody is somebody,” and city officials are happy to see it fly.

The new city of Benwood flag was recently designed by Mayor Ed Kuca, Police Chief Frank Longwell and members of city council. It will be flown at the Veterans Monument in front of the city building.

According to Longwell, in 2003 the city didn’t have a logo or identification decal. It was then that the statement, “Benwood where everybody is somebody” was born.

The flag is a first of its kind in the small city. Both Kuca and Longwell said they wanted to create a flag not only symbolizing Benwood, but to honor all city officials.

“We have always shown allegiance to the flags and have taken great pride in the Veterans Monument,” Longwell said. “We always remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in serving our country. We show respect to former and current councilman who have passed on.”

Kuca said in past years, the mayor would lower the American flag to half staff in the event of a current or former city official’s death.

“Recently we found out that only the governor or president has the authority to order the flag to be lowered,” Kuca said. “We decided that we wanted to show respect for our deceased city officials, so we designed a city flag. The city emblem and gold and blue colors are used in the design. This flag will be displayed alongside the state flag and the American flag. When a city official passes away we will lower the city flag to half staff. I feel whoever serves the city as a city official is a special person, and they need to be remembered. This is a big reason why I designed the flag.”

Councilman Chuck Terry who also took part in transferring the dream of flying a city flag into a reality, said he is pleased the flag will fly high in front of the city building.

“I am glad we have a city flag, I really am,” Terry said. “It’s about time.”